3D Floorplans: Have you ever looked at a floor plan and been baffled about how the room will look in reality? You are not alone.

As an interior designer in Adelaide, when I design a room or re-design a floor plan for your needs, I create full colour 3D images of the floor plan. NOT outsourced. ALL designs are created by me exclusively for YOU.

These 3D floorplans enable you to have a birds-eye view of each room, how they work together and they flow from other parts of your home. This takes the guesswork out of planning a renovation or new addition. In fact, my work with 3D floorplans has helped my clients NOT to make expensive mistakes. Because my 3D floorplans will show you how your space could work in REALITY.

Below, you will see 3D floorplans in full colour and an outline in black + white. When I create 3D floorplans for you, you will be able to see a birds-eye view into your home or proposed extension plus a simple version. This greatly helps planning and your ability to ‘see’ the end result.

You can then see a 3D walk-through video.¬†from the birds-eye view and also on the ground. You can ‘walk’ around and ‘feel’ the space in a virtual reality. That’s all part of the unique service provided by Plush Design Interiors… with the soul of a renegade. Please see more services + fees Or contact me on 0421 043 505 or penelope@plushdesigninteriors.com.au

Please click the image to enlarge the room.