Experience A Live 3D Design Walk-Through

A live 3D design walk-through shows you a birds-eye view of your new project, close-up views of each new room (with other parts of the home fully or partially hidden), a perspective on spacial flow, and a ‘walk-through’ at floor level through the space and rooms.

Please click the left-hand image. It will take a few seconds for the live 3D design to buffer and load. When the experience has loaded, use the tools in the right-hand bottom corner to move above, in and around the space.

All designs here, on the 3D floorplans and mood board + inspiration pages, are entirely created by Plush Design Interiors and Penelope Herbert. No work is outsourced. Please Contact Me for further information and help or view the Services + Fees page. Plush Design Interiors… with the soul of a renegade. I’d LOVE to work with you.