Picture This:

A New Zealand teenager constantly rearranges the furniture at home. She acquires large sheets of brown paper from her High School art room on which to draw ENTIRE towns (down to the last street and smallest playground). While she loves to design floor plans and houses, she leaves school to join the film media as a trainee Film Editor while continuing to study interior design on the side.


She’s offered an interior design job but instead travels overseas to Australia working in a variety of jobs and travelling over four continents. But the creative passion for interior design and architecture remains. Finally, she has a rush of blood to the head and decides to open her own interior design studio! Plus… she can take her beloved dog to the office. Bonus.

Welcome to my fabulous world of interior design and the creation of Plush Design Interiors


Maybe I was a bit slow on the up-take. For years, I loved interior design but kept working in media, government, private enterprise and not-for-profit while indulging my true love as a bit on the side. I mean, who does that? I was virtually ignoring the one constant in my life – interior design and architecture.


Having studied interior design and technical drawing, I was always rearranging the furniture, dabbling with colour and texture, and designing homes. In fact, I’ve designed over 300 virtual homes and decorated them. Friends would ask me to help them out and my own homes were always fun places to decorate.


However, actually working full-time in interior design didn’t happen until a few years ago. I was working in digital media as the Managing Editor of an on-line magazine specialising in all things fashion and home.


Did you know I now write a weekly Home + Interiors newspaper column for The Weekender Herals and a monthly blog for Australia’s premier on-line art gallery for Australia artists, Blue Thumb?


Being surrounded even more acutely by inspiring design, beautiful colour combinations, new decor ideas, stunning architecture, and amazing textiles became all-consuming. I had an epiphany… or a rush of blood to the head.


Taking my loves, my experience, my designs, and my passion I started working with actual paying clients. It was the most refreshing, vibrant, and exciting move in my life.


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And so Plush Design Interiors was born – to create beautiful spaces that are stylish, elegant, quirky, surprising, functional, comfortable, and beloved.


So welcome to my wonderful world.


Want to know a little more?

In addition to being passionate about beautiful interiors, I absolutely love dogs. My clients know this. I spend as much time playing with their dogs as I do discussing their interiors. In fact, I have only had two clients who DIDN’T have a dog – and many clients have two. Double delight.


As an Interior Designer, it’s not even like working. Because when I’m not designing interiors and outdoor living spaces I am THINKING about them, RESEARCHING them, LEARNING MORE about them, and PLANNING them.


Architecture and floor plans are also great passions of mine. I need to know how a building is laid-out. I admire architectural design and features and love to know the ‘psycology’ behind a design and the problem-solving involved. In fact, I toyed with being an Architect before I studied Interior Design – but, honestly, math is not my strong point and interiors can be so much more creative… and a little more instant.


In addition to the work I love, I am very partial to a good champagne, love shoes, embrace textiles, adore colour, and have a personal design aesthetic of Rustic Luxe. Art Deco is an era I very much admire and I’m a bit quirky and eclectic.


Yes, a bit difficult to put me in a design ‘box’ which is why I use my fresh eyes to plan, design, style, re-decorate or renovate YOUR home. Maybe I can see things you can’t. I’ll always listen to you, respect your likes (and dislikes) and provide an interior design solution that fits with your lifestyle, loves, and budget.

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