Mood Boards, sometimes called ‘Vision Boards’, are a curated collection of colours, textures and images to illustrate the ‘feel’ and mood of a room.

Mood Boards are the ideal playground for testing out colour and textural choices, lighting, furniture, rugs, artworks and more.

At Plush Design Interiors, we create mood boards, floor plans and 3D images to help illustrate what a room will look like.

Why Use Mood Boards?

As a home lover, I’m sure you want your environment to be the best it can be… after all, your home interiors have a very positive effect on your well-being #truestory.

Playing around with samples, design concepts and different ideas will help you curate and edit. This means putting together the elements in a room that work together and that you love. For example, you may have a favourite old chair but you’re unsure of how it will ‘work’. A mood board showing that chair in relation to other elements will help you make a decision, and move forward.

Below are design concepts I have created for real clients showing mood boards for different rooms.

If you need help to create mood boards for YOUR home, I’ll be happy to help. And I can likely source hard to find elements from my many suppliers.

Mid-Century Modern Inspiration from Essential Home


All interior designers gain inspiration from the world around them. I love to see what other designers are doing. It all helps me to be a better interior designer for YOU. One of the overseas companies I admire is Essential Home. Based in Europe, Essential Home specialises in Mid-Century Modern… with an emphasis on modern.


I love their colours, textures, designs, and sense of syle. It’s elegant AND fun. So for your inspiration, I am including some mood boards from Essential Home… because they are FABULOUS! And please remember, I can source items from this and other companies passing on to you my trade discounts.